These pages are very outdated. For updates on my research, please check here and here

Welcome to the world of Oliver Ruebenacker. I was born and grew up in the small town of Kraichtal, Germany, but these days, I live in the much more urban Boston area, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, with my wife Havva who is doing her SJD at Harvard Law School. More about me here.

I am working as a postdoc in biomedical and Systems Biology research at the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC), where I work for Michael Blinov as part of the Virtual Cell at the Richard D. Berlin Center for Cell Analysis and Modelling (CCAM) at the Department for Cell Biology. For more about my career, check my CV.

As the primary part of my research, I work on integrating SBML and BioPAX to use biological pathway data expressed in BioPAX for models expressed in SBML. To make it possible to use BioPAX data for platforms which understand SBML (as does, among many others, the Virtual Cell), I have developed a software platform called Sybil, to be integrated with the Virtual Cell client in the near future. Sybil is based on Jena, a powerful Semantic Web API for Java. To utilize the power of the Semantic Web for SBML and BioPAX integration, I developed an ontology names SBPAX, which links SBML, BioPAX and BFO, and a reasoner called SYBREAM, which operates on SBPAX and related data. If this sounds interesting, check out my research.

The images on this page are schematic drawings of various eukariotic cells I made to decorate my website.